How to Remove Picture Eyes From Garage Door Opener

Photo-eyes are a safety device that garage door openers need to have. Picture eyes will certainly come to be damaged just as other tool. When the image eyes do not function properly, the garage door opener will not run properly. Substitute universal photo eyes are available in your home improvement facilities and garage door suppliers. You should remove the photo eyes from the garage door completely. Image eye removal and installation are generally the very same among all the garage door opener suppliers.Visit the website for more info.

Area a stepladder under the garage door opener head. The head is the part of the opener that has the light and houses the electric motor. Pull the opener power cord from the electric outlet in the ceiling.

Find the quick link terminals on the back of the opener head. The quick connect terminal will have the white as well as black cables from the wall button as well as photo eyes connecting to the incurable. The photo eye cables generally staple to the ceiling above the opener rail.

Look at the photo-eye cables at the picture eyes and follow the cords to the back of the opener head. Put a flat-head screwdriver into the quickly attach terminal below each cable and also press internal to release the cord from the incurable. Eliminate the black wire as well as the white cable for each and every picture eye.

Relocate your stepladder down the length of the opener rail to reach the staples securing the photo eye cords to the ceiling. Pull the staples out of the ceiling with a pair of needle nose pliers.

Get rid of the cables from each side of the door jamb until every one of the picture eye cord is complimentary.

Remove the screws that secure each photo-eye to the garage door jamb with a socket wrench. Some make safeguard the imaged eye straight to the door track. Get rid of the screw that secures the photo eye to the door track with a socket wrench.

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